Welcome Friend, I'm So Glad You Stopped By

So lovely to meet you. I'm an ordinary Christian Woman traversing through the wilderness of an everyday mess.

I'm just a girl who's totally in Love with Jesus. Simply blogging for his kingdom. I'm just a disciple with a message who was called to share more Jesus with the world. Here I share Jesus, faith, and anything he puts on my heart.

You'll find some stray thoughts and randomness I enjoy here too, including home, recipes, simple-ness, encouragement, Inspirational, and Book reviews. 

Interwoven amidst simplicity and randomness you will also find chronic illness encouragement as well as many other random things that happen to come my way.

I enjoy coffee ( A LOT !!!!!) So grab your coffee, tea, iced tea, lemonade, pop, or any preferred drink you like to sip on as you look around this site.

Suppose you choose to check out my social media pages. You will be taken to Simply Coffee And Jesus, which is the leading site. So you did indeed land where you are supposed to be.

Thanks For Visiting

Photo by Paul IJsendoorn on Unsplash