About/Why I Write


Hi friends, Greetings from western Pennsylvania (USA). I'm Paula; Nice to meet you. I'm just a girl who's totally in love with Jesus.

I have to tell you and get real about how I started writing in the first place over at my Main website Simply Coffee & Jesus

It all started several years ago, I felt Jesus tugging and calling. At first, I couldn't recognize for what. Then, as I did, I said, "but I'm not a writer." So I hem-hawed around for a while, hoping he'd forget. But he didn't. So we had this tugging going back and forth, me resisting and him pulling.

Well, the pull and feeling of being called kept growing. And I knew, "God, this is you." Apparently, he had plans for me because here I am "writing." 

It's been several years since he called me to write, and he keeps growing this Christian. I never expected to be writing. But He knew. So here I am, Blogging For His Kingdom. You Know, "Because Jesus."

I write about anything He puts on my heart and touches me. Jesus gently nudges me and encourages me to stop, pause, reflect and sometimes reset. 

Life can sometimes be messy and chaotic. At times we don't know if we're coming or going. But, we have an anchor to hold us in place, Jesus. 

I've come to find that when I feel rejected by someone or something, a project, a relationship, or facing a hardship, it is Jesus with the nudge not of rejection but redirection.

Won't you come along and traverse the everyday mess with me?  

Friends, it is my hope that within these pages, you may find hope and encouragement. 

You will also find some stray thoughts and randomness here too.

Be sure to visit our lead site over at Simply Coffee & Jesus

Photo by Manuel Rheinschmidt on Unsplash