Visiting With Friends At Friday's Fave Five @ Susanne's Place


It's been a minute, friends. Boy has August been busy. I finally get to catch up with you.

For starters, the beginning of the month was my Birthday.

I celebrated with friends. They're so sweet, she made me a cake and asked what I wanted for my Birthday dinner.

I chose her husband's homemade Pizza; it's the bomb. Yum!

And Ceaser Salad.

Made two more wreaths for the craft show.

Me at the craft show.

Y'all know how I feel about clouds

This neat sunset and clouds

And these.

Come join us at Fridays Fave Fives @ Susanne's place


  1. Belated happy birthday! Homemade pizza sounds wonderful. I hope the craft fair was fun! The days can be long if you have a booth, but how fun to see the others and meet crafty people.

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Your celebration sounds like a wonderful time.
    I hope you enjoyed your time at the craft fair. For many years, I demoed spinning at county fairs and various weekend events. I did love it and miss those times.
    Those cloud photos are lovely!
    Have a good week.

  3. Happy Birthday, Paula! Your birthday dinner sounds just perfect. I love craft fairs, at least going to them. It's been years since I joined a booth. I'm better at buying things than selling;)

  4. Happy belated birthday. Sounds like a fun and yummy celebration! I love clouds, too!


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